Treasure Hunt






Puroro Town

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Departing from Home

After you have left the house, see Gustavo who will be infront of the fountain. He will ask if you want to take part in the Treasure Hunt contest; you have to say yes because otherwise you cannot advance in the game. Gustavo will tell you that there are three Spiral Shells hidden (buried) around town, and the first dog to find them gets a prize. Despite what he says you are actually the only dog doing this, so you have no time limit.

The first shell is hidden directly under one of the colourful banners to the west of the pagth down to the dock.

The second shell is South of Donatello on the south east side of the dock.

The final shell is North of Amedio in the corner.

When you have all three shells, go back and talk to Gustavo. He will give you some flowers as the prize (however you don't keep them or learn their smell). Amedio asks you what you are going to do with the flowers, and Viviana says that obviously you are going to give them to your sibling. They get over excited, and they run around in a circle. Then they collapse and El Dorado carries them home.