Clark, Gordon and Will.


The Victory Dogs' "Hideout" is in Pupsville.

The Victory Gang dogs are a gang of mean, bully dogs who enjoy picking on other dogs, they are seen throwing tomatoes at the Pupsville nurse, growling at Amalia, and are often hidden in Villages. When the player arrives at a place where a gang member is hiding, the Victory Gang dog jumps out at them and challenges them either to a mini game or to find a certain creature.

Camu- Pupsville.

Clark- Zoomy Village.

Kurtis- Zoomy Village.

Will- Gigli Village.

McCoy- Rune Village.

Gordon- Snow Village

Some of the challenges include winning a race against Will and playing Hide And Go Seek with Camu. At the end of the challenges, the Victory Gang dogs feel bad and make the hero of the game leader of their gang, promising to make the world a better place. Their old leader Bill, although it is not mentioned, is likely to be very proud that these rude dogs have changed their ways. Unlike some missions, the Victory Gang dog challenges are required to progress through the game.

The Victory Gang Member GalleryEdit