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Alex is a stay-at-home dog, and while some pass the time by catching bugs or playing games, he would rather sit and read. Infact, his house itself is in the shape of a book! He is Amalia's brother, and she thinks he is lazy and too old to be just sitting around all day. Being a typical brother and sister, they often get into arguements, but as the older one, Alex is usually the one who talks in more confusing words.

He assumes that he is the riddle master, and therefore will challenge you to four riddles throughout the game, all of which can be answered relatively easily. Apparently, he used to give riddles to everyone in the village, but theygot bored of hearing them, so he gave up. He's used all his riddles already, so Amalia can tell you the answer to them all if you cannot work them out yourself.

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The Dog Island walkthrough part 1

The Dog Island walkthrough part 1

Part 1 of a Dog Island movie walkthrough, showing selecting a character and Help the Milkman.

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