Mr. Postman
Mr. Postman


Puroro Town, El Dorado's Ship, Pupsville




Postman Hat




Checked Bag A


"Only we postmen can handle deliveries."

Mr. Postman is, as the name suggests, a postman. Mr. Postman is actually two people, as the Mr. Postman the player meets in Pupsville is the twin brother of the Mr. Postman the player meets in Puroro Town and El Dorado's Ship.

Locations Edit

Since Mr. Postman doesn't have any quests or history with the player, it's best to say where he usually is.

In Puroro Town, he sits next to the mailbox next to the road that goes to the player's house. He prompts the player to save their game when first met.

On El Dorado's Ship, he sits near the front of the ship.

In Pupsville, he sits near the mailbox right next to your house.

Uses Edit

Mr. Postman can be used to save your game, send, and receive letters. All the letters you receive are from Mar, your sibling, Dr. Potan, Viviana, and Amedio. The sending system is almost useless, however, since you only send about three packages throughout the duration of the game.

Trivia Edit

  • Other than word by one of the Mr. Postman twins, both Mr. Postman twins share the same character sprite and act exactly like each other, even sharing the same job.