DogIsland alligator

Lees are unique enemies because they can swim. In water, Lees aren't dangerous unless you happen to go into the water or are standing on some land that is level with the water. Some Lees, if they get very annoyed, will come up onto land for a few seconds and attack anything that is on it at the time. Lees are very hard enemies to howl at because they rarely come on land, and when they do, as soon as they stop attacking they go back in the water. Because they seldom leave water, it's best to go on some land level with water and go right by the edge. This will often 'tease' the Lee and so they will approach. Once the Lee is on land, it's best to be quick before it attacks. Once the Lee is satisfied that they have attacked you or cannot attack you, it's best to quickly howl, on one of the Lees; sometimes, you can recieve the accessory Backpack. Their sentivity is 3.