The Kunka Ruins is an ancient tomb for Sniff-Masters, which is rigged with traps in every corner. This is where you will find the Stone of the Heavens and the Sniff Master Medal. Hidden deep inside the Kunka Ruins there is a monster that you will have to face in order to save the world.

How to get through the first part of the Kunka RuinsEdit

The only way to get into Ancient Grove is to get the Sniff Master Medal. The Sniff Master Medal is in the Kunka Ruins. The only way to get inside is to have the key. Tao has the key; he may have found it when he was training to be a Sniff Master, just before he lost his sense of smell. Once you have the key, you go inside in search of the medal. The tomb is full of cobras. Your first task in there is to catch an Ancient Fish from the small pool right beside the Kunka Ruins. You place it on a offering table, and the door will open. You now need to find the Silver Dog Statue and the Golden Dog Statue. The Golden Dog Statue is found in a room with a door. You find the switch to open the door in another room, then you go back to the room and grab the statue. The Silver Dog Statue is located in a secret room right beyond a leafy watery room with a cobra guarding it. There is a leafy wall, but go straight through the middle and you'll find it. Then, you place both statues on the pedastals beside the big door to make it open. The Sniff Master Medal is inside.

How to get through the second part of the Kunka RuinsEdit

You are sent to the Kunka Ruins again by the Anc Queen to find the Stone Of The Heavens. You are blasted there, and there is no exit. To open a door to get to the next stage, you need to find a switch. To find the switch, you are faced with three narrow gaps. One has the switch, the other two are rigged with poison blasts. When you find the switch, the door opens and you can get through. Beyond that, is an half-invisible path you need to cross. Once you get passed that, you go into a room that has a steep mossy area, and a path around it. You sniff at the door (after you get past an annoying cobra) then you go find the switch, it is near the corner of the room. After you activate the switch, the door will open. You get through that, and you are faced with a Dark River. There are Ancient Fish in that river, and you need to fish one out and offer it up again. The door will open, and you run downstairs. You are at the last level of the Kunka Ruins--and the most dangerous. It is a dead end. But there is a pedastal, and a big door. Petasi concludes that pressing it will open the door, and he's right. You enter a huge, wet, humid room with water streaming on the sides, and switches on each corner. You think it is all safe until you see the Stone Of The Heavens, and you run across the middle. The room begins to shake, and the door closes. Then, a giant bone dinosaur called the Antient Monster smacks down on the center of the stage! You step on the right switches to knock him out, but that isn't enough to take him out. Petasi heard about a secret switch to seal him up, which is located in the middle. Once you find it, the dinosaur collapses. The door opens, and you get the Stone Of The Heavens. Once you removed it, the cave holding it will start to collapse. You then go to a cart and start riding it in order to escape.