Green Meadows, Chiro Caves, West Chilly Fields, Snow Village, and Rune Village


Basset Hound


Santa Hat




Green Bandana


"I'm (whuff) Henry."

Henry is a friendly Basset Hound that wanders the island aimlessly.

Missions Edit

In his first mission, Henry appears before the bridge that leads The Player to Gola Highlands. He wants to cross, but since the bridge was broken, he asks The Player to find Goliath so he can fix it. Goliath agrees to fix it, but since he has no nails, he asks The Player to go to Mary Theresa to get some nails. They do, and they are able to cross the bridge. Goliath can be found in Treely Woods, and Mary Theresa's shop is located in Pupsville.

In his second mission, Henry can be found in Chiro Caves B3 asking The Player if they can find him Heavy Stones, so the gateway to West Chilly Fields open. Henry also includes that he would find them himself, but he had a cold. All of the stones are in Chiro Caves B2, not too far from the entrance to Chiro Caves B3

In his third mission, Henry is in West Chilly Fields, and unfortunately lost his bag. The Player has to track down his steps to find the bag. The bag is on the ice in West Chilly Fields.

In his fourth mission, Henry is in the Snow Village, and he lost his knit cap. He only remembers that he dropped it by a hot spring. The knit cap is in the East Chilly Fields.

In his fifth mission, Henry is now in Rune Village, and wants some Special Grapes. They can be found in Treely Woods.

In his sixth and final mission, Henry wants to make some artwork, but needs Special Flower to do so. This Special Flower can be found in North Sandy Desert, and in return, The Player receives Henry's Masterpiece.

Personality Edit

At first, Henry appears to be a silly dog (wearing a Santa hat and saying "whuff" in all,) but he is actually very friendly and an outstanding artist. Hans is a secret admirer to him.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown where Henry lives, or if he even has a house. It is possible he lives in one of the igloos The Player can't enter.
  • His phrase, "whuff", is an actual word meaning "a writing having unquestionable authority".