Help the Milkman




1 Woof(s)


Puroro Town

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Help the Milkman is the first mission in the game. Enzo has lost his Basket which he uses to deliver the Milk; his son probably lost it. He needs your help to find it so he can deliver the Milk to Mar.

You can find the Basket on the other side of the fountain from Enzo in the upper part of Puroro Town. Take it back to him and he'll give you a woof for your troubles. Then he suggests you go home, as your mother must be worried about you. You volunteer to take the Milk.

When you get home, Mar thanks you for the help. You sibling asks if they can go to the festival. Your mother says that they can go if they are well in the evening, when the festival takes place.

At night, the condition deteriorates and he/she can't go to the festival. Heartbroken, you go out for the festival. Your dog finds Amedio and Viviana waiting for you so they can enjoy the festival. They sense your feelings, ask you what was wrong, and tell you to cheer up. You look up to find shooting stars. Donatello says that the stars are a sign that trouble is coming, and that he hopes nothing bad happens.