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"Go on, laugh if you want. A nurse that's afraid of blood!"

Francis is a Maltese nurse that works at Dr. Potan's clinic.

Quests Edit

The first quest involving Francis happens earlier in the game where you need to collect the three herbs. Dr. Potan tells the player that he sent Francis to go find the Blue Flower, but hasn't returned. When the player leaves the building, they see that Francis is being bullied by The Victory Gang, who was throwing tomatoes at her. She faints, so the player and Petasi rush to her side to assist her. Once Francis wakes up, she tells the player that she has a terrible fear of blood and even seeing the colour red makes her sick. She then asks the player to get them an item called the Brave Fruit, because she didn't feel brave enough to tell the player the scent of the Blue Flower. After they get it, she thanks them and tells them the scent of the flower and where to get it. After they get it by assisting Goliath on chopping a fallen tree trunk and returns it to Dr. Potan, the quest ends. The Brave Fruit is found in Green Meadows and the Blue Flower was found in Treely Woods.

The second quest involving Francis happens not too long after the first, where she asks the player to follow Dr. Potan because she was suspicious that on every day for every month, he disappeared. After they followed Dr. Potan, the player learns of Dr. Potan's deceased girlfriend and reports back to Francis.

The third quest involving Francis sets the spotlight on her again. In this quest, she is bullied by The Victory Gang again and has to be helped by the player. She then says that after the affects of the Brave Fruit wore off, her fear of blood grew worse and can't look at the colour red without fainting. If the player chooses to listen to her explanation why, Francis explains that she used to have a childhood friend named Elaine whom she believes she accidentally murdered. Francis felt so bad that she became a nurse, but her fear of blood still remained. Francis then asks the player to go to Zoomy Village to see if Elaine is alive, since her parents moved there the day after Francis "killed" Elaine. To both Francis' and the player's surprise, Elaine is alive, and Francis no longer fears blood and the colour red.

The fourth quest is not centered around Francis, but involves Francis. When Le Palpa Rohme asks the player to visit the nurse for a remedy for lost taste buds, she informs the player that oysters are a good remedy for lost taste buds.

Trivia Edit

  • Francis has (er-- had,) hemophobia.
  • It is possible Francis is religious, as she claims that killing Elaine "was a sin".
  • When talked to not during a quest, like Alex, Francis notes that the player looks tired and might be pushing themselves too hard.