Fishing (mission)




1-30 Woof(s)


El Dorado's Ship

Next Mission

Sweeping the Deck 2

On your second day, Bernard will ask you to catch a Pacific Saury and a Sea Bass so he can cook a meal for the crew.

You will have a tutorial go first, and whatever you catch then will not count as one of the fish for Bernard. Then you'll need to go back up to the other end of the ship again and start fishing at the fishing pier. Keep fishing until you have caught a Sea Bass and Pacific Saury (the latter tends to be more common) and go back to Bernard.

You will get 1 Woof for completing the mission, and if you have any extra fish Bernard will say that you won't be able to carry around extra fish, and will take them off you. He will give you a Woof for every fish you have, so if you fill up your inventory with fish it is possible to get 30 Woofs.