Zoomy Village




Checked Hunting Cap A


Red Fashionable Glasses


Starry Scarf


"A bug cage is necessasaryry, man!"

Clark is a Pekingese that lives in Zoomy Village, and is one of The Victory Gang dogs. His specialty is Bug Catching.

Missions Edit

Other than most Victory-Gang related cutscenes, Clark has only one stand-alone mission.

The Player first meets Clark in Zoomy Village, where he challenges The Player to a Bug Catching Competition. But, since The Player didn't know how to catch bugs, he teaches them. He then says he'll only give them his badge if they catch a Cabbage White; a butterfly well-known for their white wings. There really isn't a specific place where Cabbage Butterflies can be caught, but if The Player backtracks their way to the entrance of Zoomy Lake (where they entered through Treely Woods,) there's a Cabbage Butterfly fluttering next to a Green Snake.

Personality Edit

Clark is one of the ruder Victory Gang dogs, and from his use of slang, probably younger than most. He gets mad when The Player says they can't catch bugs or they don't have a bug cage, and gets mad when he can't pronounce "necessary". (Instead, Clark says "necessasaryry".) But, like all the other Victory Gang dogs, he develops a nicer personality after they get their badge.

Trivia Edit

  • Clark is one of the few dogs that appears in all (if not, most) Victory Gang dog cutscenes.