Green Meadows (if you're female and choose him)


Jack Russell Terrier


Checked Soft Hat C


Fashionable sunglasses


Starry Necktie


"Who died and made you leader?"

Camu is a Jack Russel Terrier that presumably resides in Pupsville. He is a member of The Victory Gang.

Missions Edit

Camu appears in quite a few quests; either he is being mentioned or it being a stand-alone quest.

In the first quest in which he is mentioned, Amalia is arguing with a bunch of Victory Gang dogs, including Camu. It is the quest in which The Player learns about the rivalry between Camu and McCoy.

In his stand-alone quest, Camu challenges The Player to a good 'ol game of Hide and Seek. If they player won, they get his badge. Kurtis and Clark make an appearance in it.

In his last quest, Camu, McCoy, and the rest of The Victory Gang dogs beg The Player to be their leader. The Player cannot refuse, and if The Player is female, it'll enable an optional quest with him.

Personality Edit

Like all of The Victory Gang members, Camu will, at first, act rudely towards The Player. But after they get his badge, Camu acts more openly friendly towards him.

Trivia Edit

  • Given the fact that Camu will only start crushing over The Player if they're female, it can be assumed Camu is heterosexual.