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"They say I have no sense of direction. No wonder I can't deliver anything!"

Boris is a Dalmatian that lives in Pupsville. He is a delivery man, and can take The Player to most places they have already visited for just a Woof. He can be found in the flower patch behind Malshige’s shop.

Personality Edit

Boris is characterized as a dog with a very poor sense of direction (he even admitted that he can’t walk straight). This is shown when he has to deliver some Firewood to Noble, but instead gets lost and ends up in Zoomy Village. Boris is, though, an all-around friendly dog and is always happy to help The Player.

Missions Edit

Boris appears in two stand-alone quests.

In his first quest, Boris can be found in Zoomy Village asking for help. He was supposed to be delivering some Firewood to Noble, but somehow got lost. It’s up to The Player to bring that Firewood to Noble.

In his second and final quest, Boris has had enough, and wants to know how he can cure his broken sense of direction. Since Dr. Potan was helping The Player’s sibling, Boris reasons that Alex may know a cure. Sadly, Alex says there is no cure, but mentions a compass might help. Alex then notes that compasses are quite expensive, and they should instead make their own using Map Stone. Map Stone can be found in Hoya Plains, and after The Player clears this quest, they can use Boris to go to many parts of the island.

Trivia Edit

  • Boris’ bad sense of direction may be due to an intellectual disability, but this remains unclear.
  • It is advised to not rely on Boris too much, as traveling drains The Player’s Woofs fast if they are not careful!