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"I will crush you!"

 The Ancient Monster is the strongest enemy in the game, and loosely resembles the skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex.

Attacks Edit

 The Ancient Monster uses many attacks against The Player, as it is the final boss of the game; the first and the most common, is where he tramples The Player. This attack depletes a heart.

 The second attack, while a little more uncommon, is where the Ancient Monster picks up The Player, gobbles it, and they come out on the other end, giving the impression they ate The Player. This attack depletes 2-3 hearts.

 Another uncommon attack is where the Ancient Monster aggressively stomps the ground and sends out a shock wave, depleting hearts and even paralyzing The Player. It only happens when the player goes to a spot where the Ancient Monster can't reach. This attack depletes one heart and paralyzes The Player for a few second.

Attacking Back Edit

While it is impossible to scare the Ancient Monster to the point where they faint, it is possible to make the Ancient Monster trip, which stuns them for a while. When the Ancient Monster is charging at them, The Player has to quickly run past them, which confuses the Ancient Monster. The Ancient Monster then trips and is stunned for another two seconds.

Attacking by pressing buttons is the main gimmick of defeating the Ancient Monster, though. The Player has to correctly sniff out which button to press, and when they do, the camera focuses on the Ancient Monster, where it looks like his skeleton fell apart. Don't celebrate for too long, though, because they will get back up and chase The Player again. The Player has to correctly sniff out and press four buttons before the Second Phase commences. If The Player presses a wrong button, they loose hearts. The sequence of pressing buttons is always different.

The Second Phase of attacking the Ancient Monster, take it as you may, is a bit easier than the last. This time, The Player has to press a "secret" button, which "seals" the Ancient Monster away forever. The Secret Button is in the middle of the room. When The Player presses it, it triggers a cutscene where the Ancient Monster is about to attack, but The Player presses the button in time.

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown whether or not the Ancient Monster is still alive, since when The Player "seals it away", the skeleton collapses and the Ancient Monster lets out a roar in defeat.
  • When the Ancient Monster threatens to crush The Player, they say that they were sealed away a long time ago by another dog that smelled exactly like The Player. If the hints given by other dogs in Inns are true, it could've been Doluk/Doroken.
  • The Ancient Monster has a sensitivity level of 5, which is the highest in the game.