Pupsville, Green Meadows (if you're a male dog)


Labrador Retriever








"You're on THE DOG Island!"

Amalia is a yellow Labrador Retriever and a resident of Pupsville, often described to have a lot of free time on her paws. She serves as the protagonist's very first friend on THE DOG Island; rescuing them after their leap from El Dorado's ship and introducing them to fellow villagers.

Personality Edit

Friendly, likeable, and perhaps a little stubborn, Amalia is a character who is always ready to help other dogs in their time of need. She also likes cooking.

Abilities Edit

Amalia is an extremely brave dog - even standing up to the whole Victory Gang by herself!

Story Edit

History Edit


THE DOG Island Edit

In the early stages of THE DOG Island, Amalia is the one to respond to Mr. Birdy's call, and rescue the Player after they dive from El Dorado's ship into the hazardous oceans about the island. Making fast friends, she then offers to guide the Player around the village of Pupsville, even introducing them to Dr. Potan in her efforts to help with Emilio/Maria.

Relationships Edit

The Player Edit

The Player and Amalia are established as close friends almost immediately after their meeting, each helping one another through the events of THE DOG Island and being on pleasant terms throughout. It is clear that Amalia cares deeply for the Player, as she will try to help them in any way she can and even develops a crush on them if they are male. 

This can develop into a romantic relationship during The Golden Pup.

Alex Edit

Alex is Amalia's elder brother, and quite the polar opposite to her in terms of personality. The introvert to Amalia's extrovert, he much prefers to stay at home reading rather than going out an about like his sister - often leading to arguments between the two. However, despite their quarrels, it is clear that Amalia does care for her brother and simply wishes for him to experience more of the world rather than holing himself up in his house. 

Mr. Birdy Edit

It is unknown exactly what Amalia's terms with Mr. Birdy are, though it can be assumed that they are friends that trust each other quite strongly. It is also quite possible that Amalia gave the bluebird his name. 

Trivia Edit

  • Her unique head accessory, a set of red bows with bells on them, is unavailable for the player to purchase and has no official name.
  • Given that she only develops a crush on the Player if they are male, it can be assumed that she is heterosexual.
  • When talked to through out the game, it is revealed Amalia is a hobbyist, and practices cooking. Towards the end of the game, though, Amalia says she has given up on cooking.
  • If The Player's dog is male and has declined Amalia's request on being girl and boyfriends, Amalia won't talk to The Player for the rest of the game.